One of the benefits that being a riding club affiliated with BRC brings is the opportunity to take part in regional and national team competitions.

OBHRC has a long and successful history of fielding teams at these competitions and are always keen to get new and existing club members involved, giving people opportunities to represent their club in many disciplines at a level that suits them. We also send teams to some prestigious venues such as Blenheim and Hickstead.

Due to the growing number of team competitions available in different disciplines, the team manager role is shared by Nicky Waters, Hana Davis and Tamsin Morris, who each take responsibility for particular events in the calendar and will be the the point of contact for that event. Please see below for the list of events that we plan to enter and the team manager responsible. Contact details for the team managers are available in the Club Handbook, or email

Some other notes on Teams:

  • Most events have a local qualifier followed by a regional or national championship for successful teams. At the time of entering the qualifier we will try and ensure that everyone is aware of the championship dates. It is generally expected that if you are part of a team that qualify then you will make yourself available for the Championship unless there are exceptional circumstances
  • For BRC competitions OBHRC pays a pre-entry for each team to BRC to cover administrative costs, there is then an entry fee paid to the organising riding club. This entry fee is generally paid by the team members and will differ depending on the type of competition. However, if your team qualifies for the championships, OBHRC will cover the full cost of entry.
  • There is a strict policy of checking vaccination history for BRC competitions and if your horse does not have the appropriate vaccinations then you will not be allowed to compete. If you are unsure whether your horse is eligible then it is important to check before putting yourself forwards for a team to avoid any disappointments on competition day! You can contact one of the team managers to discuss or check yourself using the tool available on the BRC website.
  • Depending on the discipline in which you wish to ride, there are dress code and safety standards which must be met with regards to tack, hats and body protectors. Before putting yourself forwards for a team please ensure that your equipment complies with the standards for your particular discipline as this may prevent you competing.