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Introduction to Area 6 Teams & individuals Competitions 2020


On this page you can find information about the Area 6 competitions.

Our riding club offers every member the chance to enter and compete at what ever level you feel confident at.

BRC team competitions are a fantastic way to compete with your friends and other members to represent  the OBHRC, having fun along the way! This also offers the amateur riders a chance to qualify for National Championships throughout the year.


 Area 6 qualifying competitions & championships held each year.

Summer & Winter  Dressage offers classes at intro, Prelim, Novice, Elementary, Medium, Advanced Medium including Pairs & riders tests at prelim & novice.

The Summer qualifiers are in June or July and Winter qualifiers are for Novice & intermediate & happen in October, November or December both have separate Championships.

 Summer Championships are in late August at Lincoln Show ground & the Winter Championships are in the spring of following year.  


Dressage to music classes from Intro – Advanced Medium, pairs & costume.

 DTM Championships are held at Addington Equestrian Centre, Winslow, Buckingham, MK18 2JR  in early October.

( Often there are Direct entry  non music classes as well –  For BRC RC members who haven’t  qualified for DTM classes.  – Look at the Championship schedule for details of classes )


 Winter & Summer Show Jumping: Starting with classes from 70cm up to 110cm. 

 New BRC rules for 2020 allows riders to compete in one or two classes at two different height except for those riders competing in the 70 cm level.

  Winter SJ qualifier in March.

 For those jumping 70 & 80cm  qualified riders compete at Novice  Championships in late March at UK Arena, Grantham.

For those jumping  90, 100 & 110cm qualified riders compete at  Intermediate Championships at Bury Farm, Slapton in April.

  Summer SJ qualifiers are in July with the National Championships at Lincoln.


 Combined Training is a separate competition which is now held in February.

This a dressage test & one round of show jumps

 Teams: two members ride a prelim test & jump a course at 75cm and two members ride a novice test & jump at 85cm.  

 Championships are at Aston-le-Walls in May each year.

FOTH  Challenge ( Festival of the horse competition )

This competition is designed to be a test of a horse and rider’s ability to negotiate a show jumping course together with a cross country course. The challenge consists of 7 – 10 show jumps, followed by 15 – 25 cross-country efforts.

There are three challenge classes for both individuals & teams: 80cm, 90cm, 100cm.

Horse Trials: Classes range from 80cm – 100+ . There is only one qualifier per year with the Horse Trials Championships at Swalcliffe, Banbury in August 2020.  


 Arena Eventing: Classes:  70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm.

 This takes place at Cherwell Competition Centre, Oxford each year in September.

 Course  consists of 6 -10  show jumps, followed  by 6 – 10 XC style fences  with a water splash included & final fence is a Joker show jump. There is a timed section in the course.


Area Entry fees

 Members are required to pay for their own entry fees at least one week before the closing date of pre- entries per competition.  This must be paid to the Club’s bank account in order for the club to pay the total amount to the organisers.

 Entry fees can cost between £18 for dressage, £25 for show jumping, Arena eventing is £29 & Horse trials at £70.

 The Club then pays the Pre- entry fee per rider on top the entry fees which range between £10 - £20.


 Helpers at each Area competition.

 The Riding Club who are organising  the event will always ask each club to nominate at least one person  per 4 riders to help for half a day at the event.  If we are unable to provide an non riding helpers then riders will be expected to do a job either before or after their have competed.


London & South East  Qualifiers & Championships

This is an annual  Championships for members of BRC affiliated riding clubs in Areas 6, 10, 11 & 13 only.

This was  introduced to give the more novice / grassroots level competitors the opportunity to compete together & the L&SE championships offer more  teams per Area the chance to qualify than is possible at the national championships.

   The Championship for Dressage, Show Jumping, combined training  & horse trials is organised by a different Area in rotation.

 The dressage to music Championships is always organised by Area 13 at Sands Farm, Warnham, near Horsham.

 Up to 5 teams or individuals can qualify for the L&SE Championships in each discipline.

Horse trials qualifier is part of the Area 6 Horse Trials at Snowball Farm, Burnham on Sunday 24th May. Teams of 4 members competing in the 80cm class.

Dressage qualifier is part of the Summer Area 6 Competition at Tweseldown on 6th June, with teams of 4 riders all riding Prelim tests.

Dressage to music qualifier runs along side the Area 6 competition at BCA on 13th June.  

All Classes except pairs are ridden & Q as individuals include: Intro, Prelim, Novice Sec1: No BD points / Sec 2: with BD points. Pas Seul ( Novice music in costume ) Novice Pairs, Pas de Deux ( Pairs in costume) , Elementary, Medium & Advanced medium.

Show jumping qualifier is part of  the Area 6 Summer Show Jumping at BCA on 12th July.         Team 4 riders will compete at the 80cm  height.


OBHRC  Area Team Managers

All entries need to be made to the British Riding Club & the organising club by the Team Managers who are Diane Hunt  & Sally Mawer.

 Schedules are posted on the Home page of website and members are also notified of upcoming Area competitions by the weekly emails. Once a member has decided what event, class level they would like to compete in they contact either Diane or Sally.

 All entry fees for the class MUST  be paid for by the members before the closing day of competition ( more 21 days before event date)

 The club will pay the Pre entry fee to the BRC on behalf of the member this ranges from £9.50p for SJ & Dressage, £13.50 for Horse trials & £20 for DTM classes.

 The entry fees for Members to pay  can range from £18 – dressage, £25- SJ, £70- HT, £20 - DTM.

 The club also pays all Championship entry fees to help members compete & represent the OBHRC at the Championships.

 Information that is needed to make all entries includes:

Horse’s competition  name.

Passport Number.

Current  BD dressage points / BS points / BE points or foundation Pts.

 Area competitions: Riders must remember to take their horse’s passport to the Secretaries office to checked before they compete.

 Importantly – Remember to collect your passport before you go home.

 For the Championship – A photocopy of passport and current flu vaccinations is required for entering the class/es.

 Please contact Team Mangers  by mobile, email or facebook message 

Diane: mob: 07836608921 / 

Sally:  mob: 07977420904 /


NEW 2020 Rules on Flu Vaccinations

 To compete at Area and Championship competitions every horse / pony has to hold a current up to date flu vaccination certificate. If any of the boosters are out of date riders will be disqualified from competing & their scores or rounds will not be counted.

 Very important to makes sure all flu injection dates are correct on your horse’s passport.

 Passports are always checked at both Area qualifiers and Championships.

From 1st March 2020, in order to compete a horse must be vaccinated in accordance with these new rules: Every horse / pony MUST have had a vaccination within 6 calendar months and 21 days  ( but not in any of the 6  preceeding days ) of the competition and / or entry to competition stables.

In the event of failure to comply with any of the requirements of the Flu vaccination rules, the horse or pony will be disqualified and not permitted to take part in any competition to which these rules apply.

Protective Headwear & new aqua hat tags

Protective headwear must be worn at all times when mounted at any BRC event whether competing or not. Harnesses must be correctly adjusted and fastened at all times. At all BRC qualifiers and championships ‘ Protective headwear must be checked by an official to make sure that it is labelled with one of the accepted standards and marked with a visible aqua hat tag with either BRC, PC or BE logos.

 Failure to do so will incur elimination.  

 See page 30 of the BRC rule book which shows list of the correct Hat standards.

 For XC only a Jockey Skull hat must be worn. This is an even round or elliptical shape with a smooth or slightly abrasive surface, having no peak or peak type extensions may be worn for any XC phase. Noticeable protuberance above the eyes or to the front, not greater than 5mm, smooth and rounded in nature are permitted.  It must also comply with the protective Headwear criteria and be tagged as set above. A removable hat cover with a light flexible peak may be used.

Body Protectors rules

A body protector is obligatory in all cross country competitions and is strongly recommended in show jumping competitions. A BETA level 3 displaying EITHER a Purple 2009 Label OR Blue 2018 Label must be worn in competitions where a body protector is obligatory. The only exception to this requirement is that the EXO Body cages will continue to be accepted, providing they have a BETA level 3 Purple 2000 Label. Riders wearing EXO Body Cage protectors must inform the secretary at all events. Body protectors should be fitted and worn as per manufacturer’s instructions. The up to date BETA list of body protectors can be obtained from

If a rider choose to wear an airbag style body protector it must be worn over a permitted BETA Level 3 body protector and if activated, must be deflated or removed before continuing for cross country. Hybrid Air-jackets and air jackets incorporated into a blouson style jacket are permitted.


From 1st October 2018, all horses in England ( Not just those born since 2009) will have to be mirrcochipped by. There will be a 2 year grace period to give time to organise getting older horses mircochipped.

From 1st October 2020, it will be an enforceable law. After this date all horses attending a BRC qualifiers or championship ( regardless of where they reside) must be mircochipped. IF not they will be disqualified.


Useful Websites:  - BRC Members Handbook

 Includes  rules for all disciplines and eligibilities for both horse and rider in all levels.


BRC Championship dates & venues for 2020

*Arena Eventing Championships 13th – 15th  March

  Washbrook Farm, Aston-le-Walls, Daventry, Northampton, NN11 6RT


*Novice Winter Championships 4th – 5th  April.

   HorseHage & Mollichaff Intermediate Winter Championships   24 – 26 April

   Bury farm Equestrian Centre, Slapton, Bucks, LU7 9BT


*Arena UK, Allington Lane, Allington, Grantham, NG32 2EF

  FOTH & Combined Training Championships  30th – 31st May

  Washbrook Farm, Aston-le-Walls, Daventry, NN11 6RT


*Horse Trials Championships  7th – 9th August

  Swalcliffe Park Equestrian, Grange Farm, Swalcliffe, Banbury, Oxon, OX15 5EX


*National Championships  5th – 6th September

  Lincolnshire Showground, Grange-de-Lings, Lincoln, LN2 2NA


* Dressage to Music & Quadrille  2-4 October  Addington Equestrian Winslow