The OLD BERKELEY HUNT RIDING CLUB is very keen to give members training opportunities in all disciplines:

  • to help you improve your competitive riding
  • to give you a chance to practise with help from an experienced trainer
  • to enjoy working with your horse
  • to get to know other members

Sessions are divided into groups according to ability.  Everyone is welcome.

Upcoming Training


Club field, Hog Lane, Ashely Green, HP5 3PY
Wednesday 14 and 28 June (from 6:30pm)
Sunday 18 June (afternoon)
Wednesday 12 July
Contact Amy to book 07927 807094

Good news! We now have access to our club field for the rest of the summer. Lets make full use of it. There is bags of space, we have a great set of jumps and the cost is very reasonable. Amy will vary type of training – height, grid work, jump-a-course, jump-offs, etc. It is suitable for all members. Contact Amy at least two days in advance of each date to book and let her know the height you are jumping. Remember Amy can tailor lessons to what you need so they will be suitable for all members.

PAYMENT IN ADVANCE: £12.00 per rider (two for half an hour or four for an hour).
Pay online with Reference: AMYSJ+SURNAME
Sort code: 30-92-77
Account number: 01474131

DRESSAGE TRAINING with Gail Wilson, Sat 8 July, Hill Green Farm, Wigginton HP26 6HE

Please book directly with Gail 07971 449397 or

Specially negotiated OBHRC rate: £30.00 for half an hour or £35.00 for 45 minutes

Make payment directly to Gail on the day.

Allow time to warm up fully particularly if you are only having a half hour lesson. There is a separate 60m outdoor school.

Training - Cancellations

The OBH Club has always tried to offer instruction at the lowest possible cost to members by juggling times, sessions etc. However this does mean that unforseen cancellations can result in the Club making a loss, as we still have to pay for the instructor & the venue. Rather than increase the cost of lessons to everyone, or asking for money in advance - which many clubs do, it has been decided that members who cancel lessons with less than 24 hours notice will be asked for a contribution sufficient to ensure that the Club does not make a loss. This wil

l be at the organiser's discretion; but it does mean that we can keep the cost of lessons as low as possible for the benefit of all.