A series of friendly evening talks, demonstrations and visits to help members and friends expand their equine knowledge, a chance to discuss and share experiences.

So far the subjects that we have covered in 2018 – 2019



March: Bridles & bits – led by  Anna Swallwood  BHSI.

A selection of bits from all the different families were displayed on the table.

 Discussion on how the bits work in the mouth & difference between the metal,  nylon or rubber mouth pieces.

The different types of bridles, nose bands, reins & headpieces.


April: Horse care & veterinary talk by Anna Swallwood. 

Topics included: Laminitus, feeding, improving condition & poisonous plants.


May: Saddle fitting with  Master Saddler Karina Cope

 This was a very informative evening with a chance to see different types of saddles and how they might fit the various shapes of  horse’s backs.


August: Conformation led by Anna Smallwood.

Anna gave a short talk on good and bad points of conformation, how to assess horse’s proportions & measure for correct conformation. Checking legs for splints, curbs, capped hocks and looking at the hooves for shape and balance. 


September: Representative from Spillers horse feeds.

Members were invited to have their horses / ponies  weighed, measured and assessed on weight and condition by Spillers representative &  advise was given on the types of feed suitable.  


October:  Dressage demonstration  – Gail Allum

This was another interesting demonstration on “How to improve marks at prelim level”.



February: Feeding & supplement – led by Anna Smallwood.

 In-dept talk & discussion on feeding horses and ponies in working, competition & hacking. 

 The feed companies had generously given lots of samples of different types of feeds.

  Members were encouraged to bring a sample of their feeds.


March: Ride and Road Safety with BHS R&R officer: Joanne Crabb.

We were shown a R&R safety video & given a talk about what to wear for both rider and horse on roads to be seen better.

How to safely ride on the road with other road users.


May: Lunging & riding a medium dressage test with Scilla Lowns.

 How to lunge correctly and common problems to avoid. What equipment is needed to lunge for both horse and handler.

 Scilla then gave a short ridden demonstration on riding a medium dressage test.


July: Equine Facilitated Learning: led by Lindsay Corrigan.

  Lindsay is a chartered psychologist who uses  horses in her leadership teamwork coaching to help build a connection between humans and horses.


Winter 2019 – 2020.

 We will have a new programme of topics on horse related subjects.


 September 24th: Riders Pilates talk and demonstration at Halton, Wendover.


  October:      Practical demonstration & talk on Clipping &  trimming.